Djarum Black Review

I found the Djarum Black filtered clove cigarette when shopping in the so called as mini market. It is a flip-top black stretched pack contain of 20 cigarettes, that is also another smallest pack contain 12 cigarettes.

Djarum Black pack of 20 sticks is two cigarettes thick and ten cigarettes wide. When opened the pack, the filtered cigarette itself in black color both filter and the wrapped cigarette paper, it is rather peppery flavor.

Djarum Black Reviews

Take out one cigarette from the pack, the shape is slightly slim, bold and it come stronger aroma coming from that cigarette.

After light up and first puff it is light and the taste of clove and sauce coming into the mouth, it is a little bit warm.

The first one-third of the cigarette burn, the flavor of tobacco, clove and sauce become dominant, and the peppery, earthy, sweet and spicy taste coming smoothly.

In the two-third until finished burn it comes a taste and flavor of cinnamon, the burn is consistent, and the whole clove cigarette takes around three minutes into finish. The whole taste, flavor and aroma are good.

Djarum Black filtered clove cigarette made uses an aged selected natural Indonesian tobacco, blend with a dine clove and special sauce from PT. Djarum, Kudus, Indonesia.

The cigarette contains 25 mg Tar and 1.6 mg Nicotine.  According to the literature, this cigarette launched in 2001, began with the Djarum Black Regular, launched in several popular variants.

Within the short time this cigarette able to gain popularity among the crowd of clove filtered cigarettes.

Beside the quality of taste and flavor of the cigarette itself, the innovation of the cigarette shape and its distinctive black box packing also invited a curiosity of clove cigarette smokers.

This cigarette also exported too much country all over the world; so far it has a good international market, as well as the local.

As for the Indonesian that already has a long experienced with clove cigarette, this Djarum Black filtered clove cigarettes is light smooth, but for the western smokers, maybe this cigarette they called as heavily flavored because of the clove taste.

But the aroma and taste quite pleasant, consistent burn and for the person who is the first time smoking clove cigarette, it should be careful when light up.

The mixed blend of tobacco and clove can give a bit of a coughing reaction. But if adjusting the inhaling accordingly, it will definitely smooth.

Produced as an export quality, intended for international market, the cigarette is not strong as the most clove cigarette selling in local Indonesian market. With it called as “kretek” flavor adjustments it is tended to be accepted by many people outside of Indonesia – foreign consumers.

In the other side, in the international market there are many clove cigarette enthusiasts who are accepted with the unique taste offered by crafted “kretek” (clove) flavor cigarettes. An example is the popularity of Djarum Black sister line, “Djarum Super“. So far Djarum Super gained the best-seller market internationally.

Legal status in the United States

A federal law passed in the United States in 2009 has made it illegal for tobacco shops and stores to carry cigarettes that contain flavors other than menthol. The law affects the Djarum Black cigarette brand, and has made it unavailable for purchase within the United States.

Now to purchase any type of kretek it must be classified as a cigar. The current Djarum Black cloves are now rolled in tobacco paper. As of 2010, in the United States Djarum Blacks are available again in smaller 12 pack cigars, which are much thicker than the cigarettes that come in 20 packs.

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